Stockbridge School of Agriculture announces the arrival of Curtson Martin who has been hired to a new Business Manager position.

Martin was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and has stayed local to New England throughout his career.  Yet this is his first time on the University of Massachusetts flagship campus here in Amherst.

After completing his bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance from UMass Dartmouth, Curtson went on to earn his MBA (Masters of Business Administration and Management), also from UMass Dartmouth.

Martin put his shoulder behind local non-profit and community empowerment organizations, working for Community Solutions Inc., the Gandara Center, and Pioneer Valley Community Action.  Across these organizations, Martin has contributed to the betterment of life circumstances for multiple at-risk and in-need populations.

Martin also worked for Eppendorf, a life sciences company making laboratory instruments, exposing him to the language of science.  Perhaps it was a hint of his trajectory towards Stockbridge!

Curtson describes his specialties to include non-profit accounting and budgeting, as well as grant acquisition and management, skills that will be well exercised in his new role here.

As Business Manger, Martin will manage the various grant and expenditure accounts assigned to Stockbridge faculty. 

When not at work, Curtson enjoys the automotive industry, outdoor living, and entrepreneurship.  The latter two make him a personable match with our Stockie culture.

If you see Curtson, introduce yourself and welcome him to Stockbridge!