A New Opportunity

In a special arrangement with the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, The Farm School in Athol, Massachusetts, is offering Sustainable Food and Farming majors the opportunity to attend its year–long Learn to Farm practical training program for credit while paying no more than it currently costs them to attend UMass. 

The Learn to Farm program is a licensed, full-time, 5 day/week, live-in, tuition-based training program that packs a tremendous amount of experience into a year and turns out graduates who go on to farm successfully. Forestry, animal husbandry, carpentry, mechanics, business planning, marketing and organic vegetable production are among the skills that are introduced and then practiced over all four seasons in the context of a commercial operation that includes a working forest, a 200 member vegetable CSA and a 50 member meat CSA.

Students must continue to be enrolled at UMass and credits may be earned as:

Fall 2016 Semester                                                                           
• STOCKSCH 498 E – Student Farming Enterprise (6 credits)       
• STOCKSCH 396 – Independent Study (6 credits)                 

Spring 2017 Semester
•  STOCKSCH 398 E – Student Farming Enterprise (6 credits)
•  STOCKSCH 496 – Independent Study (6 credits)

Whatever each accepted student would have paid for room + board while attending UMass for the 2016-2017 academic year will then be dedicated to room + board at The Farm School for the same period.

Check out the Learn to Farm program at www.farmschool.org

If you are interested, get in touch with Stockbridge Professor John Gerber (jgerber@umass.edu) or Student Farm Director Amanda Brown (amandabrown@umass.edu) to make sure you can fulfill the requirements for the Sustainable Food and Farming major with this plan and, if so...

Apply directly to The Farm School as soon as possible for the Fall, 2016 start!