New Graduate Degree Offered

Stockbridge School of Agriculture is proud to announce an accelerated graduate program for students seeking a Master of Science in Plant & Soil Sciences.

The 5th Year Masters Degree in Plant and Soil Sciences

  • The Stockbridge Masters Degree qualifies graduates for advanced career opportunities, and prepares students for admission to PhD programs
  • The accelerated 30-credit degree can be completed in 2 semesters, is available to all Stockbridge BS majors and Environmental Science majors, and offers both a thesis and a non-thesis track
  • Up to 9 credits at the 500 level can be taken during the BS program and transferred towards the MS degree
  • Undergraduates in allied programs, such as Biochemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, ECO, Food Science, Geosciences, and Microbiology, are highly encouraged to apply
  • For more information email Graduate Program Director Dr Masoud Hashemi

Suggested Research Areas

  • Climate Change Adaption

  • Soil Pollution and Health

  • Nano-Enabled Agriculture

  • Plant Biotechnology

  • Agroecology

  • Plant Health and Physiology

  • Insect-Plant Interaction

  • Soil Biogeochemistry

  • Turfgrass Science

  • Horticulture Science

Preparation Steps for Juniors and Seniors

In your junior year, join a research lab working on a related topic.  Plan and take appropriate pre-requisite courses in anticipation of taking 500-level courses in your junior/senior year.  Learn about the MS program and discuss your application plans in advance with your potential graduate faculty advisor.

In your senior year, complete at least 6 credits in your planned graduate research area, at the 500 level. (Up to 9 credits can be transfered to the MS program).  Apply to the Graduate School by Feb 1st for fall admission

Help Promote This New Graduate Degree Option

If you know or teach students who might have an interest in this program, you can Download our Summary PDF

If you would like to present PowerPoint slides of the same information to your classes, there are two slides:

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