Secondary Major in Sustainable Food and Farming

We offer a secondary major for UMass students who are interested in Sustainable Food and Farming.  A student must complete the following requirements for the secondary major in Sustainable Food and Farming:

  1. STOCKSCH 108 Introductory Botany or a biology class with lab
  2. STOCKSCH 105 Soils
  3. STOCKSCH courses: 30 credits

The secondary major is a flexible degree option that may work for you. Students generally fulfill their Junior Writing and Integrative Experience GenEd requirements in their primary major. You can "double count" courses in the primary and secondary majors.  If you are interested in a secondary major, please contact program coordinator, Dr. John Gerber, to discuss your options.

You may view the list of our courses at: STOCKBRIDGE courses.

Please note: we do not offer a minor in Sustainable Food and Farming; however, we do offer a minor in Plant and Soil Sciences and Plant Pathology.