Second Major in Sustainable Food and Farming

UMass students interested in Sustainable Food and Farming often ask if they can earn a Minor.  We do not have a Minor in SFF, but we do offer a Minor in Plant, Soils and Insect Sciences.  However, the requirements for the Minor is 27 credits in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  A much better option is the Second Major which requires 30 credits in Stockbridge. 

  In general the requirement includes:

  1. Either STOCKSCH 108 - Botany or a biology class with a lab
  2. STOCKSCH 105 - Soils
  3. A total of 30 credits in Stockbridge

The second Major is a flexible degree option that may work for you. Students generally fulfill their Junior Writing and Integrative Experience GenEd requirement in their primary major. You can "double count" courses in the primary and second major.  If you are interested in a Second Major, contact Program Coordinator, Dr. John Gerber, to discuss your options.

Here is a list of our courses: STOCKBRIDGE Courses.