Thank you for your interest in a graduate education at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  Our graduate faculty provides training, experience, and mentoring in the full spectrum of agricultural and environmental study, including plant physiology, molecular biology, plant/pathogen ecology, production technology, soil science, agricultural marketing, etc.

How to Apply

First, you must contact a member of our faculty to determine the compatibility of his or her research with your interests, the availability of potential funding, and the graduate program to which you should apply.  Individuals who have not made such a connection likely will not be considered for acceptance.  If you are uncertain as to who might be the best match for your interests, contact our Graduate Program Director, Dr. Geunhwa Jung.

Applications must be completed online via the UMass Amherst Graduate School Website. The University requires submission of GRE scores and letters of recommendation along with a completed application form for admission. Applications will be reviewed within the appropriate graduate program.

PLEASE NOTE: The application deadline for graduate programs range from December 1 to Feburary 1.  Although late applications are occasionally accepted, applications received by the deadline will be eligible for a broader range of funding opportunities. School funding is not available for students who begin in the Spring semester. Applicants are discouraged from applying to begin in the Spring semester unless an advisor has been identified who can provide full funding.

Off-campus Professional Soil Science M.S. degrees are also available.