Stockbridge alum Daniel Smiarowski (AS'86, BS'88) was appointed by President Biden today.

Smiarowski will serve as USDA State Executive Director for the Farm Service Agency of Massachusetts, where he has worked for the majority of his career, since his graduation 36 years ago.

As the official White House press release proudly states: "He started as a Student Trainee upon graduating from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture where he studied fruit and vegetable crops."

Stockbridge offers students an internship as part of the hands-on learning opportunities that lead to our 2-year or 4-year degrees.  An internship is a learning experience conducted at a local business or organization, and many of these opportunities are hosted by Stockbridge alumni. 

Because of our robust internship program, students like Dan graduate with their degree, a wealth of knowledge, experience for their resume, and a relationship with at least one employer in their field.  Our graduates have strong employment profiles, of which Dan is just an example.

Dan is a 3rd generation heir to a large farm in nearby Sunderland and Montague, which has operated since 1923 as both a dairy and as a diversified vegetable farm, growing asparagus, butternut squash, and pumpkins.

Smiarowski's path through our 2-year Fruits and Vegetables Crop major, (now Sustainable Food & Farming), earned him early employment at the Massachusetts Farm Service Agency.  He continued to earn his BS in Agricultural Economics, and soon advanced to the role of Assistant County Supervisor.  He rose through service as a Farm Loan Specialist, and as Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Farm Service Agency.  His expertise has assisted farms across the state from varied industries, including fruit and vegetables, cranberries, dairy, greenhouse operations, shellfish, and tobacco.  He continues to farm his family land today, keeping close to Stockbridge, and to the agricultural roots that gave him his start.

See the official White House press release here.

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