Ph.D. In Soil Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts, 2007
M.S. In Turfgrass Science , University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1990

B.S. In Bachelors Degree in Individual Concentration (Natural Science), University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1974

Research Interests

My research interests are twofold, the Hydropedology of Vernal Pools and the use of Constructed Wetlands for Treatment and Reuse of Water. The vernal pool study is part of a Multi-State project with 8 other universities across the U.S., but predominantly in the northeastern states. The treatment wetland interests currently include a small wetland treating the water used to wash the turf equipment used at the Joseph Trool Research Plots in Deerfield, MA. See recent Golfdom article -


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, 2015 - present

Instructor  NEIWPCC and Massachusetts DEP Soil Evaluator, 2014 - Present

Adjunct Assistant Professor,  Department of Environmental Conservation 2012- Present

Research Associate Soil Characterization Laboratory, 1994  - present

Independent Consultant        1997 - present

Field Instructor  Massachusetts DEP Soil Evaluator Program    1995 - 2000

Adjunct Faculty Division of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics  1993 - 1995

Research Assistant Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, 1982 - 1994 

Departmental Assistant Department of Geology and Geography, 1972 -1974

Professional Certifications

Massachusetts Registered Sanitarian (RS) # 1341     2007 - present

ARCPACS Certified Professional Soil Scientist, Cert. # 24759     1998 - present

Massachusetts Approved Soil Evaluator, SE 2310     1997 - present

Massachusetts Approved System Inspector, SI 3666    1997 - present


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