Curriculum Vitae

Extension Professor

Research Interests and Projects

My research activity is mainly focused on sustainability of farming systems through diversified cropping systems. I am specifically interested in integrating cover crops into farming systems to enhance nutrient recovery and recycling, weed suppression, and improving general soil health.


Ph.D.  Plant and Soil Sciences/Crop Physiology, 1990, University of Massachusetts Amherst.


  • STOCKSCH 350 “Sustainable Soil and Crop Management”
  • STOCKSCH 211 “Pasture Management”
  • HONORS 391A “Honors Seminars 2”


  • Leader, UMass Extension Crops, Dairy, Livestock, and Equine Team.
  • Editor, Crops, Dairy, Livestock, Equine Newsletter.
  • Editor, Massachusetts Agronomy Research Report.
  • State contact for nutrient management, crop production, pasture management.
  • State Coordinator and State Host, New England Green Pastures.
  • Technical reviewer for Northeast SARE Research Proposals.

Publications (last 5 years)

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