Curriculum Vitae

Extension Professor
Graduate Program Director

Research Interests and Projects

My research activity is mainly focused on sustainability of farming systems through diversified cropping systems. I am specifically interested in integrating cover crops into farming systems to enhance nutrient recovery and recycling, weed suppression, and improving general soil health.  My other research focus is pasture management including grazing systems and strategies to extend grazing season.


Ph.D.  Plant and Soil Sciences/Crop Physiology, 1990, University of Massachusetts Amherst.


On campus:

• STOCKSCH 350 “Sustainable Soil and Crop Management”
• HONORS 391A “Honors Seminars 2”
• STOCKSCH 650 “Global Challenges in Agriculture and the Environment" (team teaching)


• STOCKSCH 350 “Sustainable Soil and Crop Management”
• STOCKSCH 211 “Pasture Management”


  • Leader, UMass Extension Crops, Dairy, Livestock, and Equine Team.
  • Editor, Crops, Dairy, Livestock, Equine Newsletter.
  • Editor, Massachusetts Agronomy Research Report.
  • State contact for nutrient management, crop production, pasture management.
  • State Coordinator and State Host, New England Green Pastures.
  • Technical reviewer for Northeast SARE Research Proposals.

Recent Publications (2016-2020)

Ghahremani s, Ebadi A, Tobeh A, Hashemi M, Sedghi M and Gholipuri A. 2020. The Effect of Cover Crops on Yield and Weeds Control of Patato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Journal of crop ecophysiology, 14(1): 119-134
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