Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor of Soils and the Environment


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Postdoctoral Fellow Soil Biogeochemistry, Stanford University, 2013-2014.
Doctor of Philosophy Soil Science, Oregon State University, 2010-2013.
Lawrence Scholar Student Chemical Sciences Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2010-2013.
Master of Science Soil Chemistry, Oregon State University, 2008-2010.
Bachelor of Science Geoecology, University of Tübingen, 2004-2008.

Research Interests

Dr. Keiluweit’s research broadly focuses on the response of soil processes to climate change. The main goal of his research is to understand the effect of changing environmental conditions on fundamental ecological mechanisms that control the fate of essential elements, most importantly the cycling and storage of carbon.

Dr. Keiluweit’s research group investigates abiotic and biotic mechanisms that couple the biogeochemical cycling of C to that of other ecologically relevant elements such as Al, Fe, Mn, N, and P. In order to examine the relevance of these mechanisms across multiple scales, he combines laboratory model systems with in-field measurements. He specializes in using fine-scale in-situ microsensor techniques as well as novel, synchrotron-based imaging and spectroscopy analyses to characterize interactions among C compounds, microbes and minerals in a diverse array of soil microhabitats: litter layer, rhizosphere and deep soil. His research integrates soil science with modern microbiology, ecology, and geochemistry approaches–both in the lab and in the field–to address questions concerning the impacts of climate and land use change on soil processes and ecosystem functioning.

Research Themes

  • Climate change impacts on soil carbon cycling and storage, specifically the influence of temperature on microbial carbon metabolism
  • Plant-soil interactions, especially how rhizogenic weathering affects C dynamics in the subsoil
  • The role of mineral-organic interactions (sorption, precipitation, aggregation) in soil carbon dynamics, specifically their formation and turnover.
  • Redox coupling between reactive metals and carbon cycling, particularly the role of redox active metals in the abiotic and biotic breakdown of organic compounds.


Google Scholar profile


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