Saturday, October 6

9:30AM Departure from Stockbridge Hall Circle
12:30PM Return to the John Olver Design Building

Levi Stockbridge was an important individual in the early years of Massachusetts Agricultural College (Mass Aggie).

He became the first farm manager and the first professor of agriculture at Mass Aggie.

Levi was a much beloved teacher, professing that experiential learning was critical to an agricultural education.  Levi also was an active researcher, developing some of the earliest commercial fertilizers, with proceeds that helped stabilize the finances of the early Mass Aggie. William Bowker, an 1871 graduate of the first class, stated that Levi’s research led farmers out of the wilderness of speculation into the light of practical method.

Levi Stockbridge served as the fifth president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College before retiring in 1882.  The 1918, the Two Year Course in Practical Agriculture was named the Stockbridge School of Agriculture in his honor.

Before Mass Aggie, Levi was a Hadley farmer.  His home and farm are about two miles from Stockbridge Hall.  This early 1800's century farmhouse has been beautifully restored.  Join the Mokrzecky family for a tour of the home of Levi Stockbridge, one of the founding fathers of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, the first professor of agriculture, and the individual in whose honor our school was named.

For more information on Levi Stockbridge and his contribution to agricultural education, please see the Levi Stockbridge Legacy Blog.