Alpha Tau Gamma (ATG)

Alpha Tau Gamma (ATG) is the fraternity for students in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.  ATG is an independent fraternity and not part of a chain.  Founded in 1919 by Robert Hall, Class of 1920, ATG has maintained a long-standing tradition of service to the University and local communities.  ATG stresses the importance of good academic standards, community service, and social standards for all students.  ATG provides study sessions during the academic year to all Stockbridge School students.

Membership is limited to Stockbridge School of Agriculture students and alumni who have transferred into a baccalaureate program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  The ATG house sits adjacent to campus and across from a historic Grayson Elm tree of near-matching age.  Want to live in the ATG House?  Get in touch with ATG directly.

Enjoy this video tour of the ATG house:

Then see more on the Alpha Tau Gamma (ATG) Website.