Current Opportunties

SSA faculty have connections in many countries in the world that students can use to study or get experiences in other countries. The specific information and opportunities are listed by country:

Additional opportunities in Latin America

Frank Mangan is a member of the InterAmercian Society for Tropical Horticulture which provides opportunities to study and experiences in other countries in Latin America. Check out their listing of where meetings have been held to see if there is a country you’re interested in experiencing that is not listed above.


For those students who want to focus on sustainable or ecological living, there are several study abroad opportunities at:

The Center for Ecological Living and Learning

Opportunities for foreign students to study at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture

UMass has many foreign students that attend as both undergraduate and graduate students.

Foreign students interested in coming to UMass Amherst as undergraduate students can find information here on how to apply here.

Foreign students interested in graduate school in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture should apply to the Plant Biology program.