Business / Organization Name: 
The Trustees of Reservations
Contact Person: 
Josh Knox
Email Address: 
Phone Number: 
413-532-1660 ext. 21
Street Address: 
193 High Street
Zip Code: 
Job Title: 
Property Manager - Land of Providence
Job Type: 
Job Description: 
The (Seasonal) Property Manager (PM) is the lead on-property Trustees staff member at the 26- acres Land of Providence (LOP) and is responsible for duties involving property stewardship and visitor services. The Property Manager’s goal is to maintain LOP at an exemplary level of care, providing an exceptional opportunity for all members of the Holyoke community to enjoyably connect to the natural world and to experience firsthand the value of land conservation when they visit the property.
Stockbridge Majors: 
Plant and Soil Sciences
Sustainable Food and Farming
Sustainable Horticulture
Application Deadline: 
Monday, April 28, 2014
Application Requirements (resume, cover letter, etc.): 
Please submit resume, cover letter and three references (preferably electronically) to: Joshua Berk Knox CT River Valley Management Unit Superintendent 193 High Street, Holyoke, MA 01040
Minimum Qualifications: 
• Minimally a High School diploma or equivalent and at least 2 years experience in landscaping, natural resource, vegetation, and/or park maintenance, carpentry, and/or light construction • Able to handle the unexpected: to be flexible and able to think on their feet • Experience with and proficiency using landscaping tools and equipment (e.g., loppers, shovel, rake, brush saw, chain saw, etc.) and carpentry tools and equipment (e.g. hammer, drill, table saw, etc.) • Must be able to handle the physical demands of the job, which includes a level of physical fitness adequate to enable them to, for example: o Safely Lift 60 lbs. to waist height o Work outdoors for up to 8 hours on their feet in a variety of weather conditions (e.g. hot and humid, cold and rainy) o Perform all the duties and use the types of equipment listed above • Have, or be willing and able to achieve, basic first aid and CPR certification before start of work • Basic computer literacy including: Proficiency with Microsoft Office, ability to type at reasonable speeds, ability to easily navigate the Windows operating system • A satisfactory driving record and a valid Massachusetts’ driver’s license; Ability to drive a large pick up truck (extended cab and bed) (no special class driver’s license is required). • Basic cultural comfort and competency in communicating with Holyoke’s varied ethnic groups. • Highly motivated, capable of working independently and cooperatively with other staff.
Wage, Salary & Benefits Description: 
This is a hourly, seasonal position, based at the Land of Providence in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The PM will mostly report to LOP to begin their day and sometimes to the downtown facilities. The PM will have use of a Trustees vehicle when needed for their duties. Official Trustees attire will be provided. The position will be 24 hours per week from May 1st to August 30th. The PM will earn approximately $13 per hour depending on experience. The work schedule requires regular flexibility for evening and weekend work which includes but is not limited to: attending meetings; participating in/or leading workdays, programs, and/or tours; or to ensure the protection of the property and/or the safety of the visiting public.