Business / Organization Name: 
Eddy Farm
Contact Person: 
Haley BIllipp
Email Address: 
Job Title: 
Farm Manager Internship
Job Description: 
Eddy Farm is a small, historic, family owned and operated vegetable and flower farm in central Connecticut. Though we are not certified organic, we grow with the highest standards of soil and plant health, completely chemical free. Our main retail outlet is a popular farm stand, open every day during the production season (July through October.) We also market to several local restaurants, occasional farmer's markets, and wholesale customers such as wedding florists. We are a young couple in our fourth season of farming our family's land. We grow a diverse selection of crops, including potatoes, tomatoes, beets, radishes, salad greens, cucumbers, and many varieties of flowers. We grow on about 4 acres of small fields and we have three large unheated greenhouses. We are looking for a highly motivated, good humored person to assist with daily field work and farm stand management for the 2014 season. Your duties would include oversight of and assistance with morning harvest duties, daily setup, breakdown, and support of the farm stand, organization of backup produce and general field and farm work including mowing, weeding, planting and other maintenance as needed. You would be working alongside the two of us, two morning field workers, a farm culinary apprentice, and 6-8 farm stand workers. At least one season of experience working on a small production farm is required to be considered for this position, and management experience is valued though not required. You must be a problem solver, handy with basic tools, and comfortable with large machinery. You must be able to work outside in any weather and lift 50 + lbs repeatedly. If you are the kind of person who can't walk by a problem without trying to fix it, then you might be just the person we are looking for. Creativity, spunk, and enthusiasm for great food and great produce are also welcome. A typical work day begins at 6 am and ends at 6:30 pm, with significant breaks during the heat of the day. We will trust you to manage your own daily schedule, and pace yourself accordingly. This job is ideal for someone who has spent time working on farms and wants to take the next step toward full scale management and organization training. Plenty of time will be spent in the field, but specific education and experience in marketing, staffing, daily organization of harvest, retail skills and working with employees will be a focus. Visits to other area farms, on-farm events, and specific instruction in farm sciences such as soil fertility chemistry will be included on a monthly basis. With successful completion of this apprenticeship you will be a desirable candidate as a farm manager. We offer on farm housing (air conditiooned, fully furnished) with internet, a shared bathroom, access to laundry facilities, and three home cooked meals per day. You will have full use of our farm kitchen, plenty of field vegetables, and a share of what we put up over the summer (jams, tomatoes, etc.) You will have one day off per week, during which we encourage you to explore some of what central Connecticut has to offer. In addition to room and board, you will be paid a monthly stipend commensurate with your skill and experience. The job starts in May or June (at least 1 month prior to the farm stand opening) and lasts through the end of October. Those who are not available for the full term of the apprenticeship will not be considered. You must have a clean driving record, a valid license, and your own transportation. You must have your own health insurance. Farm errands run in your vehicle will be compensated.
Stockbridge Majors: 
Sustainable Food and Farming
Application Deadline: 
Saturday, May 31, 2014
Minimum Qualifications: 
At least one season full-time farming experience