Business / Organization Name: 
B&R Tree Service
Contact Person: 
Bernie Gauthier
Phone Number: 
Street Address: 
PO Box 1068
Charlton City
Zip Code: 
Job Title: 
Tree Service Bucket Operator
Job Type: 
Multiple Openings
Job Description: 
Position: Bucket Truck Operator Type: Full Time Pay Range: Industry Standard - Varies upon experience Our Mission: B&R Tree Service are professional arborists who specialize in tree removal and tree pruning. We are experts in a variety of processes and methods to insure we align with our mission to create the perfect solution for our client’s landscape. Our team consists of experienced certified climbers and arborists with years of experience and expertise in tree services. B&R Tree Service has years of experience, expertise, and passion for delivering the highest quality tree removal solutions. We believe tree removal and tree pruning is an art form. We understand consumers look for services that simplify their life and put them at ease. We value every client interaction and pride ourselves on consistently being available to our customers. We understand our customers are already meticulously taking care of their property, and we provide the highest quality and service to their lives. Our clients never have to worry about poor quality jobs. The Team: Our teams, both in the office and in the field, nourish our culture by consistently attracting qualified customer leads and nurturing our customers throughout our processes to ensure high-quality work, and in-turn, excellent customer experiences. B&R Tree is a family-owned company that values the work it takes to continue moving the needle and sustaining a positive company culture and work experience for all. We have a lot of gratitude to offer our employees as we value each employee for their contributions and skill sets. We are looking to grow our teams with people who share our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for both our customers and our staff. Compensation: The pay range is based upon industry standard and each tree experts experience. This includes but is not limited to location, knowledge of the tree industry, and performance. Responsibilities: • Working on the crew operating the bucket truck to complete work orders in a safe, professional, and efficient manner, follows best management practices • Use and knowledge of various knots, winches, operating chainsaws in a manner to not bend or cause destruction over time, and using other technical practices to improve the longevity of inventory including tools and supplies • Follows safety guidelines to ensure maximum safety measures are taken for best practices You can be successful in this position if you have: • Experience working on a crew as a bucket operator, preferably a minimum of 2 years experience • Must have a valid driver’s license and a reliable form of transportation to and from work • Excellent communication skills and demonstrates teamwork • Eager to be a part of and to learn how B&R Tree Service sets our crews up for success Join a dynamic and growing team. Please email your resume to and/or call us at 774-402-0106.
Stockbridge Majors: 
Landscape Contracting
Application Deadline: 
Monday, March 1, 2021
Application Requirements (resume, cover letter, etc.): 
Please email us at or call us at 774-402-0106
Minimum Qualifications: 
Experience operating a bucket truck is preferred, but if you don't meet qualifications for this position please contact us as we have multiple positions open including some entry-level positions.
Wage, Salary & Benefits Description: 
Varies upon experience