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Bentley University
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Alison Walker
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175 Forest Street
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Job Description Summary The physical demands of this position range from LIGHT to MEDIUM-HEAVY. This position involves planting and transplanting shrubs, removing and installing sod, watering both cultivated ground and new plantings. Seasonal grounds maintenance including: lawn mowing, trimming, edging, mulching, lining roadways and parking lots, surface trash clean-up, snow removal, and installation of traffic signals, sign posts, barriers, etc. These are completed in accordance with all applicable OSHA regulations and established schedules and procedures at Bentley University. Standing, walking, lifting, carrying and reaching are performed on a frequent to constant basis. Bending, pushing, pulling, climbing, kneeling and twisting are performed on an occasional to frequent basis. The heaviest physical demands are required during handling of shrubs, sod, furniture, heavier equipment, ice melt, sand, etc. These activities require handling of 25-50 pounds of load resistance on an occasional to frequent basis. Heavier tasks may require the assistance of (2) or more co-workers. Essential Duties 1. Works as directed by the Grounds and Transportation Manager. Plants and transplants, shrubs, etc., and removes and installs sod. Performs watering operation on all cultivated areas and new plantings. Performs irrigation system maintenance and repairs. 2. Cleans all roads and walk systems which includes cleaning catch basins, porches, stairways and the grounds of all trash. Performs all seasonal grounds related functions: mowing, bark mulching, lining parking lots, with management providing guidance and a detailed sketch to start layout, and striping roadways. 3. Safely operates power machinery in general maintenance of grounds. Example: aerator, mowers (all types), tractor, trucks, edgers, power saw, paint machines, weed trimmers, power blowers, etc. 4. Performs all snow removal operations including: salting and sanding, plowing and shoveling roads, walks, entrances, porches and stairways. 5. Maintains and installs all campus traffic signal systems, sign posts, barriers, gates, etc. 6. Examines and polices Bentley grounds on a routine basis. 7. Provides appropriate support in major campus activities including but not limited to: snow removal, freshman orientation, open house, opening/closing of school, baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate commencement. 8. Reports building damages, malfunctioning equipment, needed maintenance and/or repairs in assigned work areas. 9. Responds to emergency call-in situations. 10. Interacts professionally with members of the Bentley community. 11. Inputs data into the computerized work order system, recording time and work order information. Other Duties 1. Performs routine operator maintenance of all equipment used in grounds work. 2. As directed by managers, performs all athletic field preparation: lining, rolling, raking and grading, and general grooming practices. 3. Moves furniture and sets up offices and other academic spaces as directed. 4. Works with other trades where manpower is needed, such as plumbing stoppages, trenching for lighting, pumping manholes, etc. 5. Participates in training to keep and acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain current with standard operational practices and revised standards. 6. Follows proper clean-up and recycling procedures as well as observes all safety rules and regulations (including OSHA regulations) while handling and/or caring for Bentley tools and equipment, to avoid injury to self and others. 7. Must be able to assist in performing a variety of tasks in the following areas; carpentry, painting plumbing, electrical, masonry, machine maintenance, heating and air conditioning, fire alarm and sprinkler systems. 8. May be required to assist other trades as directed by Facilities Manager. Performs all other related duties necessary to meet Facilities Management requirements.
Stockbridge Majors: 
Landscape Contracting
Plant and Soil Sciences
Sustainable Horticulture
Turfgrass Management
Application Deadline: 
Monday, December 7, 2020
Minimum Qualifications: 
Minimum Qualifications 1. A minimum of 3-5 years groundsperson experience. 2. Must have a general understanding of commercial landscape maintenance practices. 3. Use of motor vehicle required for transportation of tools and equipment for job related duties. Must hold and maintain a valid, unrestricted United States driver’s license, with an insurable driving history as determined by Bentley’s insurance carrier. May be required to drive a Bentley issued vehicle. 4. Must hold, or acquire within 60 days, a DOT card. 5. Must hold, or acquire within 1 year, a Massachusetts Hoisting License. 6. Snow removal equipment operation experience required. 7. Must be physically able to perform the essential duties of the position as set forth in this Position Description. 8. Must be able to read, write and interpret documents in the English language, e.g. safety rules, material safety data sheets (MSDS), operating repair, installation and procedure instruction manuals. Must be able to effectively interact and communicate with co-workers and supervisors. 9. Must be available for emergency call-in situations. 10. Properly uses and cares for Bentley tools, radios and equipment. Preferred Qualifications Landscape and/or golf course experience preferred.