What faculty member will be overseeing and supervising your project?
List the names of any additional people who will be working with you on your project
A brief summary of your proposed project
During which seasons will your project be active?
How will your project facilitate learning or teaching goals of the University?
Where is your project funding coming from?
What is the acreage or square feet your project will need?
What utilities will your project require?
Does your plot need to be accessible by car?
(Please note that you will be responsible for acquiring all materials involved, including soil amendments, seeds, and pesticides. The University can only provide equipment that is already in place at UMass farms and operators for tractors / heavy equipment. Any materials or specialized equipment will need to be funded and provided by you and your project.)
Any other comments or considerations about your project?
As a participant at the UMass Agricultural Learning Center, you must keep your project site well maintained and presentable to the general public. The UMass ALC Staff may request that you adhere to certain practices regarding upkeep and presentation of your project area, and reserve the right to intervene or terminate your project should it continually not conform to these standards.
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