Trees make our towns and cities better places to live. They cool us on hot summer days, clean the air, and provide habitat for wildlife. Trees can live for hundreds, even thousands of years; they're part of history, commemorating events like the founding of a town or the signing of a treaty.

Arborists take care of trees, planting, pruning, and fertilizing them. Many towns and cities are trying to plant more trees to address issues like climate change, and career opportunities for arborists to manage these trees are growing. Arborists help educate homeowners and public officials about the benefits trees provide and why it's important to care for trees. This exciting career offers a good salary and many opportunities all over the world.

If you like being outdoors, working with your head and your hands, and trying to make the world a better place, one tree at a time, Arboriculture might be the career for you. Check out our Associate's, Bachelor's and Graduate degrees, or contact Dr. Brian Kane (413-545-6637) or Professor Kristina Bezanson (413-545-6626) for more information. You can also check out our summer school for high school students.