The UMass Agricultural Learning Center was created to provide a hands-on, living classroom for students to learn about farming and the horticultural, nursery and landscape industries.

The Agricultural Learning Center is located at 911 North Pleasant St. in Amherst MA on the former site of the Dakin and Wysocki family farms. The new Agricultural Learning Center is located within walking distance to the heart of the campus of UMass Amherst.  Current programming provides students with skills in organic farming, urban farming, native pollinator habitat conservation, social justice, agronomic crop production and animal husbandry.

UMass ALC projects include

Utility arboretum 

The Utility Arboretum, sponsored by Eversource Energy, is 35 trees of varying species to teach arborist students how to work safely around energized lines. Learn more here.


Permaculture Food Forest

Agronomic demonstration plots

MDAR State Apiary

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