The UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture is the only online program in the U.S. that offers 40 online classes that may be taken either individually or toward completion of one of our three fully online degrees. 

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We offer:

  1. 15-credit Certificate Program and,

  2. a 60-credit Associate of Science degree and

  3. a 120-credit Bachelor of Science degree.

In addition:

  • Online credits may be transferred to other universities and colleges.
  • These are 100% online degree programs (there is no need to ever come to campus – but if you live nearby, you are welcome to take classes on campus as well).
  • We offer maximum flexibility to our students, so there is no “live” time you ever need to log into a class. You complete your weekly work when you can which allows for students to work, run a farm or raise a family while completing their degree.
  • Students who hold previous degrees are common and its typical to only need to take 45-60 credits at UMass to complete your second BS degree for example.
  • We have many veterans in the program who use GI Bill funding.
  • No one is too young or too old!  The average age in our online program is about 45 years and students are from all over the world.
  • Not to brag but our students are passionate, mature and committed to learning,  which makes for rich discussions and shared experiences.
  • You may take as many or as few credits as you like, or take a semester off if needed.  You can do this program at your own pace.

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