A New 15-Credit Certificate Program

Starting in Fall 2021, the Arboriculture program will offer a new 15-credit certificate, delivered fully online, through University Without Walls (UWW).

Add Arboriculture to Your Degree Plan

The online Certificate in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry is a gateway for students eager for an introduction to the arboriculture and urban forestry fields.  The certificate can be added to any UMass degree, and has a flexible course sequence, allowing students to begin in any fall, spring, or summer semester.

Keep Growing as a Career Professional

The certificate program also provides continuing education for career professionals.  To accommodate varied work schedules, the course sequence is flexible, allowing students to begin in any fall, spring, or summer semester.  ISA Certified Arborists are eligible to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) in several of the courses offered in the certificate program.

Get a Head Start on Your AS or BS Degree

The Certificate can be earned by both current UMass students and non-matriculating UWW students, and all credits earned for the certificate can be applied either to the Associate of Science degree in Arboriculture and Community Forest Management at Stockbridge School of Agriculture, or to the Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Conservation in the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Earning the Certificate

Students do not need to formally apply to the certificate program.  Once they have completed all five of the required courses, students simply complete and submit a Declaration of Certificate form to the Certificate Coordinator in the ECO department, who will certify completion of the certificate.  Please note that completion of the certificate or courses does not guaranteee admission to the University or into any specific program.  Students can apply for admission to either of the degree programs using the Common Application.

Fall 2021 Course Offerings

NRC 232 Principles of Arboriculture 3cr or 36 CEUs

SUSTCOMM 335 Plants in Landscape 4cr

STOCKSCH 106 Soil Science and Management 3cr (also available in Summer)

Spring 2022 Course Offerings

NRC 310 Community Forestry 3cr or 36 CEUs

NRC 235 Sensible Pruning for Beginners and Experts 2cr or 24 CEUs