NOTE: in addition to this 15-credit Certificate, we also offer a fully online 60-credit Associate of Science degree and a new B.S. degree in Sustainable Food and Farming.  Credits earned for the Certificate may also count toward the A.S. degree. 

Register for the Online Certificate Program

Our 15-credit Certificate in Sustainable Food and Farming is designed for:

  • adults looking to make a career change,

  • returning Veterans,

  • high school grads not yet ready to go to college fulltime, and

  • those of you pursuing a lifelong interest related to food, farming, homesteading or gardening.

Our online program has been particularly attractive to the fastest growing farm demographic in New England, farms managed by women.  We know how busy your lives can be, so our online classes may be taken on your own schedule.  You don't have to compromise your personal health to learn how to make the world around you a healthier place!. 

Classes are taken through UMass Online and cost $482 per credit.  To see the classes being offered throughout the year, go to SCHEDULE.

The Certificate may be completed entirely ONLINE, but many of our courses are also available on campus.  Courses may be taken individually or toward fulfillment of the Certificate and credits earned may be applied to our Bachelor of Science degree

We have excellent university instructors and practiioners teaching for us. 

Meet our instructors! 

Please see here for our Annual Online Class Schedule

Other Stockbridge classes may be applied to the Certificate Program with permission of the Program Coordinator. 

Courses must be graded and no practicum (-98) or independent study (-96) classes may be applied toward the Certificate Program. 

No more than 6 credits from courses numbered either -90 (Experimental) or -97 (Special Topics) will be allowed.

If college credit is not of concern, there are other online resourdes and workshops you might consider listed here: Non-credit Resources.

International Students Welcome!

Since this program is fully online there are no visas required, and therefore no barriers for any international student to apply and take classes. Keep in mind that if a student would like to come to campus to participate in a commencement, or other type of formal meeting, they would need to do so on a visitor's visa, not a student visa.

To be eligible for the Certificate, please fill out the online registration form here.