To earn the Certificate in Sustainable Food & Farming, students must take 15 credits of STOCKSCH courses, including at least one of these foundation courses:

  • STOCKSCH 100 – Botany for Gardeners (4 cr)

  • STOCKSCH 106 - Soil Science & Management (3 cr) or STOCKSH 105 - Soils (4 cr)

  • STOCKSCH 108 – Intro to Botany (4 cr)

  • STOCKSCH 265 – Sustainable Agriculture (3 cr)

  • STOCKSCH 320 – Organic Vegetable Production (3 cr)

Certificate students may take any other STOCKSCH classes to reach 15 credits, with the following exceptions:

  • No Practicum classes will count toward the Certificate (298, 298, 498 etc.)

  • No Independent Study classes will count toward the Certificate (296, 396, 496 etc.)

  • No classes taken Pass/Fail will count toward the Certificate

  • No more than 6 credits from courses numbered either -90 (Experimental) or -97 (Special Topics) will be allowed.

Further Information:

STOCKSCH courses may be taken either online or on the UMass campus and be counted toward the Certificate

Any classes taken toward completion of the Certificate will also count toward the fully online Associate of Science degree and/or Bachelor of Science degree as well.

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Upon completion of 15 credits, please contact Dr. John M. Gerber for review and approval.