As UMASS student farmers, we commit to providing our campus community with nutritious, organically grown, local produce. We cultivate student empowerment through hands-on agricultural production and by educating our peers about the importance of creating a healthier food system

History of the Project    

2014 marks the 8th season of the UMass Student Farming Enterprise program here at UMass. SFE began in the fall of 2007 with two students growing kale and broccoli through an independent study. In spring 2008, it was established as a year-long class - spring and fall, with a summer farming component. It has been developed and taught by vegetable specialists Ruth Hazzard and Amanda Brown and the farm manager of the UMass Crop and Research and Education Center, Kyle Bostrom.

Graduates of the Student Farming Enterprise have started farming on their own, moved on to managerial positions at farms throughout the region and some have established employment with organizations such as The Farm School Project and The National Organic Farmers Association.

A Great Opportunity

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture provides students with a strong science based academic background.  This knowledge base, combined with the hands-on learning that this course provides, is making UMass Amherst the place to be for research based, inovative, creative and student driven experiential learning in agriculture.

Our students have a variety of backgrounds and come from many departments on campus as well as from the other five colleges. Many are Sustainable Food and Farming majors, but other majors have included Natural Resource Conservation, Art, and BDIC (Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration).

The Student Farming Enterprise has received funding from The Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture, the Northeast Farm Credit AgEnhancement Program, the Sustainable Food and Farming Program, and the College of Natural Sciences.

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