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General Requirements  

Plant & Animal Production Systems  (Choose 2 courses)

Economic & Social Systems  (Choose 2 courses)

Practicum Course 

  • STOCKSCH 398B – Agricultural Practicum (1-6)
  • A maximum of 9 credits from internships/practicums can be applied to your degree (STOCKSCH 398B and STOCKSCH 198F)
  • The Independent Study class, STOCKSCH 196, can also be taken and does not count against the limit of 9 practicum credits (STOCKSCH 198, 298, 398). Please keep in mind that an academic sponsor is needed to take STOCKSCH 196.

Professional Electives

  • Record all courses you want to count in this Elective category from our online course offerings as well as practicum credits and any approved transfer credits.
  • Make sure the total credits equal 60.
  • Please use the Downloadable Graduation requirement Spreadsheet (below) to track your courses.

Graduation Requirements

For more information on the Math and English requirements see: Math and English

Math and English Placement Test scoring

To download an Excel Spreadsheet of the course requirements that may be used to track progress toward graduation, see:

Downloadable Graduation Requirement Spreadsheet

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