Business / Organization Name: 
Many Hands Farm Corps
Contact Person: 
Ryan Karb
Job Title: 
Summer Intern
Job Description: 
Summer Internship: One month positions for 17-20 year olds, no job or farm experience required. Perfect for students or others looking for their first job on a farm. Our summer internships are intensive one month commitments and provide housing, training, transportation, food, and education as well as a 500$ stipend. Interns are expected to live together in the intern house and work 40-48 hours per week, as well as participating in lessons and group activities after work. Our education can include basic farm skills, environmental education, art, community building, leadership, and more. Interns will get a chance to work on over a dozen different farms ranging from 2 acres to 100 acres, meeting other farmers and seeing different models for providing food for the community. Over the past three seasons we’ve built a strong reputation with the farms that hire us for completing onerous tasks with enthusiasm, we do this by focusing on group dynamics and emphasizing the educational value of hard physical labor, as well as giving interns a chance at a variety of different tasks at our farm. We are looking for positive, energetic people who are ready to get dirty and work harder than they ever have before. There are three sessions you can apply for, because the experience is so short we do not generally accept people who cannot commit to the dates specified below: June 1-June 28 June 29- August 2 August 3-August 30
Stockbridge Majors: 
Sustainable Food and Farming
Application Deadline: 
Monday, June 30, 2014