Business / Organization Name: 
Carmody Greenhouse
Contact Person: 
Brian Carmody
Email Address: 
Phone Number: 
Street Address: 
20 Beaman Rd
Zip Code: 
Job Title: 
Job Type: 
Job Description: 
Hello. I have 400 sf greenhouses available perfect for a new farmer who wants to "run their own farm" but doesn't have the capital saved to buy their own land. In 400 sf of greenhouse, you can build your business, sell to customers, and start supporting yourself very quickly. I'll even heat the greenhouse for season extension and hopefully year-round growing. I have customers ready to buy what you grow, and I have ideas to help you find a steady stream of customers to help your farm business grow. This is your chance to rent your own greenhouse and own your own farm business. I will simply act as your landlord, and help you succeed any way I can, as I've described above. Grow your specialty. Grow what you believe you can sell. I even have a plan in place for you to take on more growing space when you are ready for it. The locations are in Princeton and Sterling so far, but may be adding some in Paxton, Rutland, and Fitchburg.
Stockbridge Majors: 
Landscape Contracting
Plant and Soil Sciences
Sustainable Food and Farming
Sustainable Horticulture
Application Deadline: 
Friday, July 20, 2018
Application Requirements (resume, cover letter, etc.): 
Resume and a letter describing your business goals, what you hope to accomplish with greenhouse space. I may also have a 1/2 acre for you to grow crops in the ground too. I'm flexible and open for discussion. Impress me with your business plan. Imagine that I am handing you the keys to my car. Where will you take us???
Minimum Qualifications: 
Ambition. Persistence.
Wage, Salary & Benefits Description: 
Flexible arrangement that we can agree upon.