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Big Island Farms
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Alex Goff
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47-4624 Hamakua- Waipio Rd
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Tropical Internships
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Job Description: 
Big Island Farms is now seeking applicants - Interns + Program Directors 30/60/90/120 days programs (35 to 40 hours per week) Several positions available in Fall, Spring and Summer each year. At Big Island Farm’s internship program, we welcome the student to partake in a diverse incubator of a start-up with a focus on application, engagement, and self-discovery. Our farm currently exists in the most exciting phase of establishment, the inception! We are not a program that needs people to come and merely maintain an already designed system of actions or events. We are a program that desires to design and build this eco-system along side bright inspired individuals, so that the lessons, skills, and accomplishments can be shared and intensified with the diversity of our team. Being chosen to join our internship means we elect you to be a leader, a creative, a voice, and a truly meaningful connection that will positively impact the manifestation of the farm. Each individual program within the internship is connected to the whole, and in order to properly maximize the potential of each discipline each must be seen in a larger context. Focus in one specific area provides a lens through which interns can experience the overlapping disciplines, collaborating forces, and complex dynamics that define our farm. Big Island Farms is accepting internship applications for the following programs: Agriculture Internship: Agriculture Interns are responsible for creating a sustainable farming system at BIF. Working hand in hand with Animal Sciences, we strive to institute an agropastoral system of farming. Agricultural interns will use sustainable farming techniques, such as permaculture and agroforestry, to produce quality organic products. Using local knowledge and support, we intend to provide a high quality agricultural product to the Big Island community. Animal Science Internship: The Animal Science Program allows interns to spend a majority of their time living on Big Island Farms, developing basic farming infrastructure and raising animals such as chickens, sheep, goats, horses and cows. The program is responsible for creating a long term plan to incorporate animals into sustainable crop rotations and other practices associated with organic farming. Interns in this program will pursue a personal project that is related. Biology Internship: The Big Island Farms Biology Program is a field research based branch of the BIF internships program. Along with our Outdoor Rec. and Design/Build programs, the Biology Program Interns act as pioneers in establishing presence. The Biology Program is responsible for flora and fauna data basing, creating designs for sustainable water system development, usable wetlands development, and many other forms of biological field research. Business Development and Entrepreneurship Internship: As a BIF Business Intern, you will be engaged in a fast paced and dynamic work environment that will provide an opportunity for you to learn through experiential field research and hone your business acumen by actually doing business for Big Island Farms. This experience is a perfect opportunity for individuals who dream of creating and running their own business. This is a true start-up incubator with specific focuses yet limitless possibilities. Come join the planning process and design a product, run farmers markets, manage cash flow, utilize gift economics, think globally, and act locally. Our Program offers interns the freedom to choose an independent project(Entrepreneurial), or a project that works closely with the Business Director and is co-executed(Intrapreneurial) Farm to table: Our Big Island Farm to Table program aims to cultivate an alternative lifestyle of living and cooking from the land. Interns will explore a unique understanding of food through experimentation designed around the entirety of a food’s life cycle. From the source of the living organism, to the breakdown of nutrients in our bodies, interns will experience the culture of food and it’s impact both on the environment and oneself. In the agricultural setting the Farm to Table programs studies and identifies each ingredient before its process in the culinary implementation. Interns will also learn the importance of food waste reduction, foraging, and experimenting with locally sourced foods, and inventing new ways of being resourceful within our community. Digital Development: BIF’s digital development team will be made up of a dynamic mix of web designers, developers, marketers and a project manager to keep us all on track. Initially, we'll be engaged in optimizing the BIF Internet presence and marketing materials for search engines, social media, usability and conversion. Then we continue to grow and support the project by developing and supporting both intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial projects to create and grow multiple revenue streams, social projects and virtual communities. We will also work on developing our e-commerce and products for online presence. Outdoor Recreation Internship: Interns will explore areas in and around Base Camp, and put together a plan for sustainable development and management of all outdoor recreation opportunities they choose to create. Interns will work together to make their recreation plans a reality, whether it be building trails, ropes courses, zip lines, etc. Interns will also be responsible for studying/teaching Leave No Trace and other minimal impact methods, and determining which methods to enforce while living and building in Hawaii. Compensation: The internship is a fee based internship. For program directors, there may be a stipend.
Stockbridge Majors: 
Landscape Contracting
Plant and Soil Sciences
Sustainable Food and Farming
Sustainable Horticulture
Turfgrass Management
Application Deadline: 
Saturday, April 1, 2017
Application Requirements (resume, cover letter, etc.): 
CV to send by email at or apply directly on the website with the link below:
Minimum Qualifications: 
Big Island Farms is looking for passionate, self-starting individuals who wish to help inspire and continue the progress of our work. We are seeking individuals from all backgrounds who will be able to flourish in a whole-systems, entrepreneurial research environment. Desired Major(s): Agriculture, Culinary, Forestry, Biology, Education, Outdoor Recreation, Business, Construction
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