Student Farming Enterprise Class

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STOCKSCH 398E (spring) & 498E (fall) - up to 5 credits each semester

Grow organic crops at the UMass Farm in South Deerfield and the Agricultural Learning Center (within walking distance of campus) and sell them to the UMass Community!

  •     Are you excited about building a more sustainable local food system, here on the UMass campus?
  •     Do you want to put into practice what you've learned about farming, ecology and agriculture?
  •     Do you love working outdoors in a beautiful place in all kinds of weather?
  •     Do you like working with a small group that is committed to a common goal?
  •     Do you want to earn 10 credits and have a summer job?

Then this is the course for you!

The course is designed with three parts: spring (planning and getting crops started), summer (growing) and fall (harvesting and marketing). It's designed to be taken in that order but some students because of their schedules take the fall semester first or take only one semester. Any of these scenarios work depending on your learning goals. Taking both semesters and summer is encouraged, but not required.

We are now accepting applications for next semester.   Preference will be given to those with academic background in agricultural sciences and with some farming or gardening experience; we also seek diversity in majors,career goals and life experiences.

This is more than a class - it is also a student-run enterprise.

Be part of creating something new and exciting at UMass - a sustainable student farming project that will grow stronger every year!

We plan to continue expanding production and markets and are continuing to build our farming infrastructure. We will continue to work with our current cutomer base of 7 on-campus markets including; Earthfoods Cafe, a 50 member FALL CSA, Student Farmers Market, Dinning Services and other student run businesses as well as The Amherst Big Y Supermarket.

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